Yorkshire Witch – Pink Grapefruit Rum – Villains Rum


Yorkshire Witch Pink Grapefruit Rum weaves a spell of zesty enchantment, blending the tangy whisper of pink grapefruit with a bewitching sweetness, conjured for those daring to taste the magic.



Mary Bateman, a cunning woman of 19th-century England, captivated minds with her supernatural claims. Accused of murder and fraud, her web of deceit entangled others in a deadly potion scheme. Condemned for her crimes, Mary met her fate on the gallows in York, leaving a legacy of mystery and manipulation.

If thou would look to experience the a refreshing spritz of citrus and sharp bitterness of
grapefruit, then one should’st look no further. For within this posset there is a subtle
tanginess most like that of a tart fruits and zesty delight. With a soft sweetness that lingers
towards the tongue, one should’st wish that thou shall be left feeling the warmth of any good
witch. Let this be a spell to smite whom never taste this wonderful elixir.


ABV: 37.5 % 

50cl Bottle 

V – Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans


Please note as every bottle is made in small batches with hand applied label, waxed lids and hand sealed, variations may occur from the image.

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